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Fe Bio Toothpaste was awarded the title of "Chinese Creativity"

Time : 2014/01/27 View : 374

Creativity, as a great human spiritual phenomenon, is the source of power for the development of human society. The "Discover China's Creativity High-level Strategy Seminar and 2013 China Creativity Annual Awards Ceremony" hosted by Xinhua News Agency All Media was held in Beijing a few days ago. The "Fe Biological Enzyme Toothpaste" developed by Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2013 China Creativity" Product" title.


This "China Creativity High-level Strategy Seminar" was organized by Xinhua News Agency Economic Information News, Xinhua Net, Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Reference News, China Securities News, Shanghai Securities News, Watch Weekly, Banyue Tan, China Xinhua News Television Network and other media Jointly organized. During the seminar, forums such as "Creativity Upgrade Competitiveness" were held, and CCTV host Lang Yongchun hosted forums related to China's creativity.

Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Tong Yu (first from right) talks with economist Ma Guangyuan and CCTV host Lang Yongchun (first from left) on "creativity"


Tong Yu, representative of the award-winning company and creator of the world's first bio-enzyme toothpaste, said in the forum that if the industry is copying each other and blindly using "tradition" and "classic", then the product will be homogeneous It will become more and more serious. He pointed out that innovation and creativity also need to "transcend the boundary". This view was widely recognized by the guests.

       It is understood that the development of Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical also confirms this view. The company cooperated with Fudan University in "production, study and research", and successfully applied a pure natural Fe bioactive enzyme to the toothpaste field through bioengineering "cross-border". Academician Tan Jiazhen, the chairman of Fe Toothpaste Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal Committee and a world-renowned biologist, signed the appraisal conclusion of "first in China, leading in the world".

       Clinical trials have shown that Fe toothpaste has obvious effects on improving nausea, bleeding gums, and oral ulcers when brushing teeth, and has the effects of whitening teeth, anti-calculus, and removing bad breath. To this end, the company took the lead in publishing the "Fe Toothpaste Efficacy Clinical Trial Report" and the "Fe Toothpaste Safety Performance Report" to the whole society through the company's website, demonstrating corporate integrity. The Fe toothpaste, born out of a breakthrough in tradition, has completely independent intellectual property rights, for which the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "National Torch Program Project Certificate." In April 2013, "Fe Biological Enzyme Toothpaste" won the 2000-2012 Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of China Oral Cleaning and Care Products Industry Association.


        The leaders of Xinhua News Agency took a group photo with Tong Yu, representative of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company (third from left) and other award-winning enterprise representatives


Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical’s “cross-border” innovation made “Fe Bio-Enzyme Toothpaste” selected as “2013 China is just a product of creativity”. The award speech from the organizer is that she has played a leading role in the bio-effect toothpaste market in my country, based on scientific and technological innovation, insisted on using new technologies and new materials, and applied FE biological protease technology to toothpaste production. The field belongs to the revolution of the toothpaste industry. She witnessed the rise of innovation in China with miracles, and gradually formed a situation where Chinese national daily chemical companies compete with world-renowned daily chemical companies. As the leader of China's bio-effect toothpaste, "Snow Leopard Daily Chemical" deserves to be one of the benchmark companies in the development of the industry. 

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