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Congratulations to the parent company of Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals-China Golden Classic Group for its successful listing

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On the morning of July 8, 2016, with the ringing of the gong on the trading floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., the parent company of Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., which produces fe biological toothpaste, was listed on the Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market. On the same day, "China Golden Classic" with the stock code of 08281 began to issue shares to the world, becoming another new highlight of the "Jiangyin sector" and a new milestone in the development of Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals.



Tong Yu (right), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jiangsu Xuebao Daily Chemical Company, and Li Qiuyan, Chairman




Snow Leopard Daily Chemical is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. fe toothpaste is the result of the cooperation between Xuebao Daily Chemical and Fudan University. It has overcome many technical problems, applied modern biotechnology to traditional toothpaste production, and developed the world's first biological toothpaste. fe toothpaste has passed four clinical trials on periodontal problems, dentin sensitivity, oral ulcers and teeth whitening.

Professor Li Zhixun of Fudan University introduced that fe, as a purely natural enzyme, is named after the English initials of Fudan (FUDAN) and Enzyme (ENZYME). It is similar to the lysozyme contained in human lymph and saliva. It has bacteriolytic, antibacterial, tissue repair, and immune enhancement. Mechanisms such as force, fe toothpaste belongs to the fourth generation toothpaste, which can effectively solve periodontal problems. The traditional toothpaste contains fluoride, Chinese herbal medicine or hemostatic ingredients, does not contain enzymes, does not have bacteriolytic repair and other mechanisms, and has no obvious effect on periodontal problems. As early as May 2004, the fe lysozyme preparation of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical was recognized as the National Torch Project.

Professor Feng Xiping, a well-known dentistry expert in my country and executive vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Stomatology, believes that fe toothpaste and the subsequent development of fe oral sprays are epoch-making products of modern biotechnology. It is fluorine-free and non-drug, which is a milestone in the cause of oral health care.

Professor Chen Shigen of Fudan University said, "fe children and adults toothpastes containing'lysozyme' are natural and safe, with scientific mechanism and remarkable effects. They help consumers say goodbye to traditional toothpastes. The novel dry brushing method without dipping in water solves toothbrushing retching, etc. Discomfort, making brushing your teeth a pleasure."  

In February 2015, fe toothpaste was appraised by experts from 7 institutions including the China Institute for Food and Drug Control and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The appraisal concluded that it was “the first at home and abroad”; in September, fe toothpaste was recognized as a “high-tech product”, 12 It was recognized as "National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

"As a private technology company, it is foreseeable that we will usher in a new leapfrog development by virtue of our independent intellectual property core technology and the dual advantages of the capital market. We believe that'fe' oral care will eventually become internationally competitive. , An influential national brand." Mr. Tong Yu, chairman of the board of directors of Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company, said that the capital operation of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has been designed for a long time. "The GEM is a springboard, automatically promoted to the main board, and will return to the A board in the future." song. "Snow Leopard Daily Chemical is to open the international market. Considering that Hong Kong is an international gateway, it has unique advantages in the international capital market, and Hong Kong lawyers, auditors and brokerages are generally very dedicated. Therefore, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical chose to list in Hong Kong. "Tong Yu said.

"Snow Leopard Daily Chemical believes that high-tech fe toothpaste products are still in the entrepreneurial stage and should focus on the GEM." The company repeatedly emphasized this point of view, and finally got the approval of the brokerage and the Stock Exchange, and finally on July 8. The GEM of the Stock Exchange was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock market like Tencent and China Telecom.


(At 9:30 am on July 8, 2016, China Golden Classic was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange)

"Let the world know that fe toothpaste is made in China". As a practitioner of the Chinese dream of my country's national toothpaste industry, Xuebao Daily Chemical Tong Yu deeply realized that only innovation can reach new heights, only innovation can remain vigorous, and only innovation can seize the industry's high ground. 

As of the end of December 2015, China Golden Classic Group's turnover and net profit have increased for three consecutive years. The turnover in 2013 was 198 million yuan, in 2014 it was 222 million yuan, and in 2015 it was 283 million yuan; in the past three years, the company's net profit was 11 million yuan, 17.1 million yuan and 28.2 million yuan, respectively. The company’s chairman Li Qiuyan said that 38% of the proceeds from the IPO will be used to expand production and warehousing capacity; 24% will be used for new product and brand promotion; 21% will be used to expand the distribution network; 8% will be used for later research and development.

Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has accelerated the industrialization of high-tech achievements and increased market promotion. Currently, Jiangyin RT-Mart and Jimeron are on sale as well as supermarkets in various villages and towns.

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