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Three Fe species have passed the identification, which is the first internationally domestic leader

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A few days ago, Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission conducted a new product appraisal. The three varieties of fe biological toothpaste, fe oral spray, and fe mouthwash developed by our company passed the appraisal.

 The appraisal committee is composed of experts from 7 institutions including the National Toothpaste Quality Supervision and Testing Center and the Shanghai Center for Disease Control.

  The appraisal committee made the following appraisal opinion: the product uses self-developed enzyme compound technology and does not contain hormones and other drugs. It has obvious effects on periodontal problems such as gum swelling and bleeding; it can reduce tooth sensitivity, relieve oral ulcers and reduce recurrence. The appraisal committee believes that it is an international initiative and the technology is leading in China.

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