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Big hands hold small hands to support Chaoyang to nurture newcomers—Snow Leopard Daily Chemical was awarded the title of Five-star Demonstration Committee for Caring for Next Generation Work

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Young people are strong and the country is strong. Caring for the next generation is the duty of an enterprise. Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals has always been adhering to the concept of "humanity, fraternity, and dedication", insisting on repaying the society with a high sense of social responsibility, and actively participating in various public welfare activities. The government calls for following in the footsteps of the country.

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On March 11, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical was awarded the title of "Five-star Demonstration Committee for Caring for Next Generation Work".

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Earlier, Fudan University and Snow Leopard successfully developed biological toothpaste through the "industry-university-research alliance" using the mechanism of lysozyme naturally present in the oral cavity and breast milk, and used modern bioengineering technology to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. In order to repay the technical support of Fudan University, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical established the "Fudan University, Snow Leopard Life Science Award Fund" on May 18, 2006 to reward outstanding teachers and students who have made contributions.

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For socially disadvantaged groups, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical sincerely hopes to do its best. In 2020, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical actively participated in and sponsored the 2020 "Bag of Milk Runaway" charity run to help poor children drink milk every day.

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Big hands hold small hands, the afterglow supports the sun. Snow Leopard Daily Chemical generously contributed to the Xu Xiake Education Fund and took the lead in pledged 800,000 yuan to support the development of education, encourage outstanding students, subsidize children from poor families to go to school, encourage teachers to take root in rural education, and promote the long-term development of education in the town. In the process of watering children's healthy growth with concern, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical uses experience education as the basic way to carefully design and organize various practical activities. The public welfare activity "Care for the buds and get full marks" allows young people to enhance their daily hygiene protection knowledge and develop healthy oral care habits.

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In order to expand the field of practical activities for youth summer camps, a caring activity of "Entering Famous Enterprises and Flying to the Future" was carried out. Lead the children to visit the Snow Leopard Biological Industrial Park, walk into the laboratory, and let the children understand the production process of a toothpaste and the research efforts of the experimenters behind it.

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Whether it has a title or not, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical will continue the charity heart. Snow Leopard Mouthguard is always on the road!


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