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Biological toothpaste + dry brush, give you a healthy and fresh mouth

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Recently, the Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Industry-University-Research Cooperation Special Promotion Conference organized by the University Student Science and Technology News attracted more than 10 college teachers and students to participate. At the meeting, Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals signed production-university-research agreements with Jiangnan University, Yangzhou University, Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Changzhou Vocational College of Engineering and Technology.

Why do these universities favor Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals so much?

"In the early years, Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals cooperated with Fudan University in production, education and research, and created a precedent for the application of biotechnology in the toothpaste industry in the world. At present, the company is in a new round of development. It must persist in innovation and develop with wisdom to achieve a win-win situation." Snow Leopard Day The speech of Tong Yu, the founder of Chemical Industry, may be an answer.


Traditional toothpaste relies on friction and bleaching agents to whiten teeth, and flavors to freshen breath. Fluoride toothpaste can "anti-caries and mothproof", and drug toothpaste can "sterilize and reduce inflammation" in a short time, but this may disrupt the body's self-healing law. In fact, after a long evolution of human beings, there is a kind of "protective god" substance in human oral saliva and breast milk. This substance is called "biological lysozyme", which can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and has bacteriolytic, antibacterial and antibacterial properties. Anti-virus, hemostasis, promote tissue repair and improve the body's immunity and other mechanisms.



In order to bid farewell to traditional toothpaste, Fudan University and Snow Leopard Company conducted an industry-university-research alliance, following the concept of returning to nature, applying the mechanism of lysozyme naturally present in human saliva and breast milk, and successfully developed fe biological toothpaste, which is called "the world's first biological toothpaste".

     In order to play the role of enzymes, they invented a dry brush that is not dipped in water. The two-pronged approach can not only make up for the lack of lysozyme in the oral cavity, but also dissolve Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, creating a new concept of oral care. Fudan and Xuebao are known as the world's biological toothpaste Father and cradle.

     On February 9, 2015, experts from 7 institutions including the China Institute for Food and Drug Control, the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences gave the following appraisal opinions: “Clinical trials have shown that it has obvious antibacterial activity and good safety. The product is the first at home and abroad, the production technology is domestically leading, and the appraisal committee unanimously passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements."



On December 17, 2016, the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission conducted a new product identification on three products, namely, toothpaste, mouthwash and oral spray produced by Xuebao Daily Chemicals, which were approved by the National Toothpaste Quality Supervision and Testing Center, Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Dental Experts from 7 institutions such as the medical school stated that it does not contain hormones and drugs, and has obvious effects on periodontal problems such as gum swelling and bleeding. It can reduce tooth sensitivity, relieve oral ulcers and reduce recurrence. It is an international initiative and the technology is leading domestically. ”’S appraisal opinion.

    Fudan Professor Li Zhixun said: Fudan and Snow Leopard have successfully developed fe biological toothpaste, which can alleviate common oral and periodontal problems, and also reduce teeth brushing and retching. The realm pursued for "happy teeth" is "oral happiness". The oral cavity is the starting point of the digestive system, covering teeth, gums, oral mucosa, tongue and throat.

    The "Golden Classic fe Combination Pack" composed of fe biological toothpaste, fe biological care mousse, fe biological toothbrush, fe biological oral spray and fe biological chewing gum lozenges has been released. Let people have a healthy and comfortable oral cavity, fresh and socialize, stay away from dental troubles, and reach the realm of "oral happiness".

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