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Donate for Love|Xu Xiake Town Education Fund Symposium Held in Xuebao Daily Chemical

Time : 2021/01/26 View : 479

On the afternoon of January 23, the Xu Xiake Town Education Fund Symposium was successfully held in Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. A number of entrepreneur representatives from the Xu Xiake Chamber of Commerce attended the symposium and generously contributed to the Xu Xiake Education Fund, donated funds to schools, and encouraged outstanding students. Support children from poor families to go to school, encourage teachers to take root in rural education, and promote the long-term development of education in the town.


At the symposium, Chen Jianxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xuxiake Town, introduced the overall development of education in Xuxiake Town and the development of the foundation. Chen Jianxiong, secretary of the town party committee, said that Xu Xiake Town Education Foundation has developed from scratch. Although it has experienced difficulties and hardships, it has also made good progress. The healthy development of the foundation is inseparable from the strong support of all sectors of society, especially the generosity of caring companies.


Caring entrepreneurs have said that education is the basis for a century-old plan; education is the first for the great cause of the future. The establishment of the Xu Xiake Education Fund is a project that will benefit the people of future generations.


At the symposium, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical generously contributed to the Xu Xiake Town Education Fund and took the lead to pledge 800,000 yuan to support the development of education.

Ms. Li Qiuyan, Chairman of Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. said that a strong youth means a strong country. Caring for the next generation is the duty of an enterprise. Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals adheres to the concept of "humanity, fraternity and dedication" to promote the flourishing development of education in Xuxiake Entrepreneurs are willing to support such practical public welfare projects as Xu Xiake Town Education Fund.

Ms. Li Qiuyan also pointed out that the ultimate goal of a company’s wealth creation is to repay the society. The foundation of national brands comes from the society and consumers. Only by drinking water and feeding back the society can the corporate social responsibility be demonstrated. Education is a conscience project. To be a company, you must have a sense of social responsibility. While doing public welfare, you are also building your own brand and doing your best for educational public welfare. This is the responsibility of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical.


The leaders of Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin City expressed gratitude to the caring enterprises for their selfless donations and their contributions to the high-quality development of education in the town. Today, when epidemic prevention and control has become normal, the development of many companies has also been affected to a certain extent, but I still thank you for your common development while also paying attention to the educational public welfare undertakings of Xu Xiake Town, and jointly contributing to Xu Xiake’s educational development. .


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