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[Reproduced] Snow Leopard Daily Chemical won "China Top 100 Daily Chemicals" 2000 yuan from scratch

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[Source] Guan Jing China Economic News Net

       In China's daily chemical industry, there is a good talk: As early as more than a decade ago, an international brand wanted to spend 80 million US dollars to acquire the fe bio-enzyme toothpaste technology of Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals, but the latter resolutely refused.

   Lysozyme is applied to toothpaste, starting a revolution

   The birth and development of FE biological toothpaste confirms the transformation of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical from traditional daily chemical to biotechnology. In the 1990s, the founders of Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals Tong Yu and Li Qiuyan started from scratch for 2000 yuan. In order to innovate and develop, adhere to the national brand, and realize the dream of serving the country by industry, the founders visited the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University many times. The professors were obsessed with their persistence. Impressed, the "production, study and research" united to overcome technical problems such as keeping the activity of biological enzymes stable in toothpaste, screened out the ideal formula and technology, and successfully developed a lysozyme toothpaste using modern biotechnology, creating a world of applied biology in the field of toothpaste A precedent in technology. The world-renowned biologist Academician Tan Jiazhen, as the chairman of the "fe biological toothpaste" scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee, signed the appraisal conclusion of "the first in China, the world's leading".

The birth of   fe biological toothpaste, started a revolution in the oral industry and promoted the development of the oral health industry. A well-known multinational company in the United States wanted to invest 80 million US dollars to buy out fe biological toothpaste technology, but it was flatly rejected by Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals: "Technology is not sold, FE toothpaste bids farewell to the tradition, relying on the unique biological bacteriolytic repair mechanism and efficacy to enter thousands of households , Enter Southeast Asia, go global, let the world know that fe biological toothpaste is created in China."

   30 years of unswerving determination and finally won the top 100 daily chemical products

   30 years of unswerving determination, stubbornness, 30 years of persistent struggle and long-term success. Today, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has developed into an area of nearly 200 acres and a building area of more than 130,000 square meters, including more than 8,000 square meters of GMP workshop and more than 6,000 square meters of scientific research center, specializing in the research and development of biological oral care and cleaning products. The company has won the high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, the national torch project and the implementing unit of "Jiangsu Province High-purity Bio-Lysoproteinase Preparation and Application Engineering Technology Research Center". It has 10 invention patents and drafted the industry standard "Oral Cleaning Care Products Toothpaste in Biology" The trademarks "Determination of Enzyme Antibacterial Activity", "Snow Leopard", and "fe Jindian Dentist" have been recognized as well-known trademarks and well-known trademarks in Jiangsu Province, respectively.



On July 8, 2016, the company was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 08281), becoming the eighth listed company in China's daily chemical industry.

On July 16, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical won the "China Top 100 Daily Chemicals" certificate and trophy at the "2019 China Top 100 Daily Chemicals" awards ceremony. This honor is the most important for the company's comprehensive strength, technological innovation, and brand value. sure.


From its initial obscurity, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has developed to today's industry benchmark. Honor is the best testimony of strength, and it also means greater responsibility and responsibility. In the future, Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals will subvert the traditional daily chemical application concept as its own responsibility, insist on manufacturing in China, insist on national brand, insist on science and technology, insist on quality to win, based on the forefront of the times, continue to seek new mutations, innovate, and actively open Attitude, to meet new opportunities and challenges, make the "Snow Leopard" and "fe" brands bigger, stronger and more refined, and continue to create new brilliance.


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