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[Reproduced] Snow Leopard Daily Chemical: Subverting the concept of traditional toothpaste application

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[Source] Science and Technology Daily

        Did you know that the world's first biological toothpaste to improve periodontal problems was created in China? This creation has epoch-making significance for the development of human oral health ——

   At the end of the year, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily came to Jiangsu Xuebao Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., an innovative enterprise in my country's toothpaste industry. Entering the production workshop, the fully automatic production line, advanced equipment is constantly "spitting out" cans of toothpaste.

In the birthplace of "the world's first biological toothpaste", reporters felt the hardships of their entrepreneurship and the joy of success.


"The dream of industry-university-research cooperation comes true"

Since the 1940s, the development and application of new friction agents, moisturizers, thickeners, and surfactants for toothpaste have continuously upgraded the quality of toothpaste products; various types of toothpaste have come out one after another. On the other hand, toothpaste has also changed from Ordinary tooth cleaning functions have developed into oral hygiene products for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. In 1945, the United States developed the world's first fluoride toothpaste, which greatly reduced the incidence of dental caries.

   However, the problem has come again. Almost all people use toothpaste to brush their teeth, but a considerable number of people still suffer from periodontal diseases. Is it a "white brush" to brush their teeth? what is the reason?

   Searching the Internet shows that periodontal disease is a destructive disease caused by inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue. It is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Usually the main symptoms are bleeding from tooth brushing, oral ulcers, bad breath, loose teeth and so on. Since traditional toothpastes generally do not have antibacterial mechanisms and functions, they are powerless to deal with periodontal problems.

Ma Su, director of the Department of Oral and Periodontology of the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that many people mistakenly believe that periodontal disease is irritation and put their hope of curing periodontal disease on medicine. In fact, there is no special medicine for periodontal disease. Because periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in the oral cavity, although drugs can inhibit the growth of bacteria, they only work for a while, and any drug has side effects, so it is not suitable to take a large amount of it for a long time.

Experts once said frankly that periodontal problems are one of the most common oral diseases that endanger human oral health. If there is a substance that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on oral pathogens, it is not a medicine, let alone an antibiotic, and has no toxic side effects on the human body. . Then, there is hope for improving periodontal disease.

   In the early 1990s, foreign brand toothpaste entered our country. At that time, Tong Yu, chairman of the Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company, proposed that a unique toothpaste must be developed to compete with it.

   The news that Fudan University has successfully developed fe biological lysozyme, Tong Yu was very excited when he learned about it! In his opinion, it will be a "revolution" if fe technology is applied to toothpaste production. He brought his assistants to Fudan University, and the professors were moved by his persistence. Soon, the two parties signed a production-university-research research and development contract and established a joint research team for fe toothpaste.

  "The dream of industry-university-research cooperation has come true. The raw material of toothpaste is protein denaturant. After a lot of experiments, we finally overcome the worldwide technical problem of fe lysozyme and maintain stable activity." Tong Yu said. Seven institutions including the Institute of Biochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Naval Medicine formed the fe toothpaste appraisal committee. The appraisal opinion stated: fe toothpaste has the functions of antibacterial, swelling, pain relief, hemostasis and promotion of tissue repair. It is the first in China and the technology has reached the international leading level. It has obvious effects on periodontitis, gingivitis, pericoronitis and oral ulcers. . The world's first biological toothpaste was finally born in China!


"We firmly believe that good toothpaste is not afraid of no market"

"At that time, a well-known multinational company in the United States was willing to invest 80 million US dollars to purchase the technology of fe toothpaste, but we declined." Mentioned this matter, Tong Yu said that fe toothpaste has independent intellectual property rights, which embodies the efforts of Fudan and Snow Leopard for many years. Let foreign capital use Chinese technology to monopolize the Chinese market.

   However, the birth of fe toothpaste is like a "doll" that has just landed. Fe toothpaste has little place in the mixed market. People don't know what "fe" is, let alone what unique effects "fe" has. The sporadic advertisements invested have also been submerged in the vast market wars.

   After hardships, Tong Yu vowed to do "fe" to the end! "We firmly believe that good toothpaste is not afraid of no market." Tong Yu said.

   The caries prevalence of deciduous teeth among children in my country is as high as 70%. Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has applied compound lysozyme fe technology in children's toothpaste to achieve fluorine-free moth prevention and safety. With the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and the local government, fe toothpaste quickly formed a large-scale industrialization and quickly entered the first-line market.

   The reporter witnessed the 130,000-square-meter modern plant and GMP workshop of this high-tech enterprise, as well as the 6000-square-meter garden-style R&D center, and saw a “two-dimensional coding confirmation system” at the “terminal” of the fe toothpaste production line. This is the first application of information storage and identification technology in the industry, so that every fe toothpaste has an "ID card", which realizes all-round anti-counterfeiting and traceability tracking.

   Snow Leopard company office director Du Yongwei told reporters that at present, the company's 8 production lines are in full operation in three shifts, and fe toothpaste has been in short supply in the domestic market. This fully shows that consumers have a pole in mind, and there is a market for good products.


"Fe toothpaste fans all know"

  Fe toothpaste original "dry brush", dry brush without dipping in water for 2-3 minutes, then rinse for a while. The "protagonist" of this dry brush is the biologically active lysozyme. The biological enzymes in the gaps that cannot be reached by the toothbrush can penetrate, making brushing a pleasure. fe has changed the concept of toothpaste and the method of brushing, and essentially announced the upgrade of toothpaste. In recent years, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has successfully developed fe oral spray, which can quickly dissolve dental plaque and relieve chronic pharyngitis. The fe toothpaste Tmall store has received rave reviews.

   "Recently, we have launched the ‘fe Golden Dentist’ trademark, and a large number of repeat customers have formed countless ‘fe fans’.” Du Yongwei said.

Professor Zhou Runqi of Fudan University, who is instructing the work of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical, told reporters that fe can dissolve the polypeptide sugars in bacterial cell walls, avoiding the generation of bacterial drug resistance, and can also dissolve more than 400 types of gastric cancer-causing Helicobacter pylori. Bacteria, which can reduce the chance of esophagus and gastrointestinal disease, are now used in oral care, subverting the concept of toothpaste in the traditional sense.

   "fe toothpaste has a unique antibacterial mechanism and effect, which makes it possible to improve periodontal problems by brushing teeth. This major innovation will have epoch-making and profound significance for the development of human oral health." Zhou Runqi said.

The reporter learned that the preparation method of fe biological toothpaste has obtained a Chinese invention patent. Industry experts believe that biological toothpaste is a product of modern biotechnology, created in China. She is ahead of the world, marking that the "Chinese Dream" of the entire nation's toothpaste industry is opening a new future.

From no one knows to becoming a well-known national brand, the hard way for more than 20 years, in fact, the advertisements of fe toothpaste are very limited, relying on excellent technology and tangible effects, relying on countless die-hard fans Word of mouth.

   "This toothpaste is different, fe fans know it." Tong Yu said excitedly.

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