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[Reproduced] Snow Leopard Daily Chemical——Like the youth of the national football team and strive to set a new record

Time : 2017/05/26 View : 270

[Source] Guan Hao, Lu Wenbao Overseas Network

          Overseas Network, May 26. From May 24-28, 2017, Jiangyin Sports Center ushered in a grand football match, the 2017 Chinese Football Association "Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Cup" Jiangyin International Youth Football Championship.


Football, as an influential sport, is deeply loved by people of all ages. In order to better promote and popularize football in China, so that more children like football and sports, so that more children can feel the passion brought by football and enjoy the happiness brought by sports! Snow Leopard Daily Chemical supported the youth of the national football team and was named the 2017 Jiangyin International Youth Football Championship.

The "Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Cup" Jiangyin International Youth Football Championship hopes that through this event, more people will care about football and love football, and let children go out of the classroom, out of the house, to the playground, sweat and strengthen their physique. At the same time, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical praised the national football youth participating in this competition.

Snow Leopard Daily Chemical has forged an indissoluble bond with the Chinese women's football team as early as 20 years ago. Tong Yu, chairman of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical, held the first national women's football team selection. After that, Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company sponsored 3 consecutive women's football super championships. Sun Wen, Liu Ailing, and Wen Lirong all said that the Women's Football Super Cup is the most important moment in their women's football career. No game will be filled with audiences like the Super Cup. Snow Leopard's continuous investment for several years has made an indelible contribution to promoting the development of women's football. Nowadays, in the archives of the Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company, there is still a "signature football" with a diameter of more than half a meter, which is stored as a treasure by the company after plastic packaging.


The alliance with the women's football team also added stamina to the development of Snow Leopard's daily chemicals. After Snow Leopard Daily Chemical launched Fudan fe biological toothpaste, women's football stars Sun Wen, Gao Hong, Wen Lirong and famous actor Pu Cunxin were the image spokespersons. Fudan fe biological toothpaste has won the favor of consumers with its unique creativity and inherent quality.

Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Company will continue to be the backing of Chinese football and continue to cheer for the youth of the national football team.

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